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LIVING IN LOVE AND FAITH: A biblical response

13th May 2021
Martin Davie

The Church of England is nearing an urgent and defining decision. In preparation for this, it has launched a suite of resources, Living in Love and Faith, centred on a book of the same title. Is it biblical for churches to bless same-sex couples? How can the church welcome everyone, including LGBTQI+ people, in love and in faith? Scripture’s teaching is clear, but is that clarity reflected in these resources?

The predicament of the Church of England is not taken lightly. As Martin Davie writes in this thorough study, ‘We cannot limp along, endlessly “doing the splits” between two contradictory viewpoints.’ Will the C of E return to its historic roots? Is division inevitable? What should we do now? This book closes with FAQs and four points of action.

194pp £8.99. ISBN 978 1 8380972 6 4

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