biblically orthodox, broad-based, global Anglicanism


Gafcon UK is the local expression of the Global Anglican Gafcon movement:

  • Proclaiming Christ faithfully to the nations.
  • Sharing the Gafcon vision.
  • Offering hope to all faithful Anglicans.


Sharing the Gafcon Vision

Gafcon UK is the local expression of the global Anglican movement known as Gafcon. We share the vision of multi-cultural, biblically faithful Anglicanism and a renewed Anglican Communion, united around common faith as expressed in the Jerusalem Declaration, committed to proclaiming Christ faithfully to our nations and beyond. 

We are a fellowship of lay people, clergy and bishops from across England, Scotland, Wales and mainland Europe, inspired by the Gafcon vision, praying together and supporting one another in our common task of preserving the apostolic message, making disciples and reaching out to a needy world. 

Our Council of Reference reflects the diversity of our membership.

Offering Hope to Faithful Anglicans

Gafcon UK offers hope to all who want an authentic expression of Anglicanism, consistent with our mission heritage, our liturgy, our tradition of concern for the local community and the nation, and our fellowship with the global Communion. 

The influence of secularism has meant that large sections of our church no longer share our foundation in biblical truth. Orthodox Anglicans can find themselves isolated, but no one need feel alone. 

Our online prayer meetings bring together those who share the Gafcon vision, to read Scripture and pray for the Lord’s help in local and national situations. 

Our regular email updates keep you informed and connected to other authentic Anglicans in the UK and Europe. 

We offer informal advice for local situations, and partner with other groups providing practical support, including the Anglican Futures ideas exchange.


If you are committed to biblically faithful Anglican mission in Britain, and developing a vibrant movement for faithful confessing Anglicans worldwide, please join Gafcon UK.


Gafcon UK
Unit 42/43 Kingspark Business Centre
152-178 Kingston Road